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Thundercatbngl Padme of Modestmeows

DOB 12/28/2020
Sire: Bengalias Dark Knight
Dam: Thundercatbngl Princess Leia

Thank you to Melissa at Thundercat Bengals for trusting us with this outstanding Queen. We love Padme and she is definitely the queen of the house here. She lets us know if she is displeased with anything and if we aren’t keeping up with her standards. She loves attention as long as you don’t pick her up. She is a fantastic mother and takes excellent care of kittens. She has beautiful glitter and a very clear background coat color. Padme is pure for brown spotted and carries two copies of the Glitter gene. She is a gorgeous girl with fantastic horizontal flow and we are thrilled to see what kittens she will produce. 

PRA and PK-def negative

HCM screened Neg Sept 2021

Junglefusion Paris of Modestmeows

DOB 2/03/2021
Sire: Apexexotics Patriot of Rumblepaws
Dam: Junglefusion Wild Card

Paris is the sweetest bengal, we absolutely adore her personality. A big thank you  to Shelly Rae of Jungle Fusion for allowing her to be a part of our program. She is a wonderful queen and loves to snuggle. She has the loudest purr and lets you know that she appreciates the attention. We love her puffy whiskerpads, big nocturnal eyes, and rounded and cupped ears. Personality was a big priority for us when selecting our breeding cats as they are a part of our family and are frequently around  our three young children. Paris is exactly what I was hoping for. Her little kitten face just got me right off the bat. We can’t wait to see the little sweethearts she will produce for us. She is pure for brown spotted and carries two copies of the glitter gene.

PRA and PK-def negative

HCM screen scheduled