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Adopting a kitten from modest meows

So you want to adopt a bengal?

All of our kittens have been raised in our home. They are well socialized and are around are children almost all the time. This means they go to their new homes ready to become an amazing pet for you.

We do recommend taking it slow with new kittens when you first bring them home. Even though they are well socialized here, moving to a new home is still a big change for them. We recommend keeping them in a small safe space like a walk-in closet, spare bedroom, or a bathroom for the first few days to allow them to adjust. Only after they seem comfortable in their new space should you introduce them to the rest of the home and any other pets you may have. This gives them the best start as a new member of your family.


All Modest Meows Kittens Include:

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Join our Kitten Mailing List to be the first to know when new kittens are available and ready to be reserved.
    2. Complete our Kitten Application and tell us what you are looking for in your new bengal kitten. Do you have kids or other pets? Would you prefer a certain color or gender? The more details you can share, the better we can help you choose the perfect pet for your family.
    3. When a litter of kittens reaches 4 weeks, pictures will be posted and they will be available to reserve.
    4. You can view available kittens on our Current Kittens page and click the Email to Reserve button to send an email requesting to start the reservation process. At that point, if you have completed a kitten application previously, an invoice for a deposit and a Kitten Contract will be sent by email and the kitten will be put in *pending* status. 
    5. Once the deposit has been paid and the contract is signed, the kitten is considered to be sold. You will be sent updates on the kitten at least every 14 days until the kitten is able to be spayed/neutered between 12 and 16 weeks of age.
    6. After the kitten has recovered from the surgery and is deemed healthy enough to go home, we can arrange delivery or will work with pet transporters to ensure your new pet makes it safely home.


Our bengals our typically ready to go to their new homes at 16 weeks. We have found that keeping the kittens with their mothers until at least 12 weeks allows them to mature and have fewer behavior issues as adults. We want to do what is best for these beautiful cats and give our kitten families a happy, secure new family member that can thrive in their new home.

We begin accepting deposits on new kittens once they have reached 4 weeks of age. This allows us the chance to monitor them for any health concerns and be accurate with gender assesment.

We ask for a rehoming fee of $999 for each of our bengals. A deposit of $199 is due when you select a kitten to reserve. The balance of $800 is due upon delivery of the kitten.

We are happy to arrange to meet or deliver kittens around the Des Moines Metro area. We can also arrange delivery within Iowa and surrounding states for a small fee based on distance.

Occaisionally we will have adult bengals available that are retiring from our program. Typically we ask a rehoming fee of $400 to cover the costs of spay/neuter and preparing them for their new home. If you are interested in adopting one of our stunning retirees when they are ready to leave our program, please reach out.

Because we have only been working with Bengals for a few years and are not prepared to mentor any new breeders, we do not offer breeding rights for any of our kittens to unestablished breeders. All of our kittens will be spayed or neutered when they leave our Cattery.