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Adopting a kitten from modest meows

So you want to adopt a bengal?

All of our kittens have been raised in our home. They are well socialized and are around are children almost all the time. This means they go to their new homes ready to become an amazing pet for you.

We do recommend taking it slow with new kittens when you first bring them home. Even though they are well socialized here, moving to a new home is still a big change for them. We recommend keeping them in a small safe space like a walk-in closet or a bathroom for the first few days to allow them to adjust. Only after they seem comfortable in their new space should you introduce them to the rest of the home and any other pets you may have. This gives them the best start as a new member of your family.

Please read through the FAQs below for details on adopting a Modest Meows kitten.

All Modest Meows Kittens Include:

Frequently Asked Questions